“I call it MadLove.”

– Chef Joe

Chef Joe’s style is anything goes. From land to sea, you name it he can cook it. Chef Joe grew up in Lexington, Kentucky. His love for cooking and people quickly became his life’s passion. Learning from his Southern cooking mother Joe took old school country cooking to the next level. Recreating recipes from yesteryears with the new flash and flair. He is all flash and flair. He’s a true storyteller so sit back and enjoy your special evening with him.

Joe has several cooking awards,
Two-Time Culinary Federation Gold Medalist
Three-Time Chicago Fight Club Champion,
Finished 23rd & 6th Place at The World Food Championships.

You can even watch Chef Joe in action on prime time show’s like The Taste with Anthony Bourdain, Cutthroat Kitchen, and of course let’s not forget his role on CBS’s Big Brother. Ask him about it, you will die laughing.

For Chef Joe, it’s an honor to have the pleasure of cooking for someone. He has tremendous love for people and food.

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